About Me

If you haven’t already guessed, my name is Eric. I grew up in the greater Seattle area but currently live in the heart of downtown. I love this city, I really do. There may be a lot of cloudy days, and some rainy, but when the sun comes out, you really can’t beat it.

I’m a nerd.  I love technology.  I currently work for quite possibly the largest enterprise data storage vendor, EMC.  Currently I am assigned to the Walt Disney account supporting managed Isilon and Data Domain storage arrays.  I’m responsible for about 4 PB or 4,000,000 GB of storage used by everything from tier 1 applications to data backup.  I am well experienced in Windows administration and pushing to constantly grow my Linux skills.

For fun I enjoy listening to music, photography, tv shows, movies, and fitness (getting there anyway).  I am also working on learning the piano since it has always been one of my dreams.

I’d love to get to know you as well so If you’re reading this, I hope you reach out.