Don’t Break The Chain

A little less than a year ago, Youtube creator charlieissocoollike (Charlie McDonnell) posted a video titled Don’t Break The Chain.  He got the idea from Jerry Seinfeld who originally started the trend. The basic concept is that every day you do the particular task, you mark that day off on your calendar.  Eventually, you build up momentum and you get a chain of days where you’ve done the particular task.  On a day when you’re feeling lazy, you look at the chain and have to make a conscious decision of whether to continue or break the chain.  Eventually the chain grows so long that you just don’t want to break it.  Absolutely brilliant if you ask me.

On Wednesday, March 13th, 2013, I decided it’s time for me to start the chain.  My first one will be spending 15 minutes or more a day in the gym.  As for the second I’m thinking some form of blogging or journaling but haven’t decided on that one yet.

I’m going to try doing this online and may even make a WordPress plugin around it as I don’t see one around.  I will probably still keep a visual up in the apartment for motivation but I feel like I need to make this public for that extra kick.

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